Open Meeting Laws 3d - two volume set

“Following an overview of the constitutional context in which state open-meetings laws have arisen in the U.S., Schwing annotates state statutes . . .”

Regents, Show Us the Sausage, A primer on open meetings laws, Damon Hodge, Las Vegas Weekly, Feb. 5-11, 2005

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Links to state statutes can be found at these sites.

Sunshine Review.

Public Broadcasting System NOW.

The Open Government Guide is a complete compendium of information on every state's open records and open meetings laws. It also allows you to quickly compare outline points across multiple states.


General Information

Sunshine Laws are briefly reviewed in the First Amendment Handbook.

The Online Media Center provides a detailed article on Federal Sunshine Laws. By Sandra F. Chance, Esq.

State Open-Meetings and Open-Records Laws in Higher Education: An Annotated Bibliography prepared by Michael K. McLendon, Leigh Gilchrist and James C. Hearn was published in January 2003.

Some Assembly Required: The Application of State Open Meeting Laws to Email Correspondence by John F. O’Connor and Michael J. Baratz is available on the Steptoe & Johnson LLP site.

Sunshine Review is a non-profit that collaborates with individuals and organizations across America to promote state and local transparency.

A listing of State FOI Resources is available from the National Freedom of Information Coalition.

Wikipedia provides a world listing of Freedom of information laws by country.

AINS Inc.'s FOIA Blog discusses FOIA issues.


Search Alabama’s Attorney General’s Opinions from 1979 to present.


Search Alaska’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Alaska Division of Community and Regional Affairs, Open Meetings Act.


Search Arizona’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Arizona Attorney General, Agency Handbook (2011).

Arizona Open Meeting Law Changes are available here.

The Arizona Open Meeting Law FAQs and link to ASBA's Open Meeting Law Handbook is available at the Arizona School Boards Association.


Search Arkansas’ Attorney General’s Opinions.

Arkansas FOIA resources list is available from the National Freedom of Information Coalition.


Search California’s Attorney General’s Opinions from 1986 to present.

California Attorney General, A Handy Guide to the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act (2004).

California Attorney General, The Brown Act-Open Meetings for Local Legislative Bodies (2003).

A Pocket Guide to Open Meeting Laws in California: The Brown Act is a service of The First Amendment Project, Society of Professional Journalists (Nor. Cal.).

Guide to the Bagley-Keen Open Meeting Act, including Amendments through January 1, 2012, was prepared by the Division of Legal Affairs

S.F. Nonprofits Could Be Held to Open Meeting Laws, San Francisco Chronicle - Tuesday, November 25, 1997 - Page A18, Carla Marinucci, Chronicle Staff Writer.

Too Much Sun? Emerging Challenges Presented By California & Federal Open Meeting Legislation to Public
Policy Consensus-Building Processes by Lauri Boxer-Macomber appears on the Center for Collaborative Policy site.


Search Colorado’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Colorado Office of Legislative Legal Services, Open Meeting Requirements (Jan. 2, 2015).

Colorado State Archives provides text of laws pertinent to public records issues.

Colorado Open Meetings and Open Records Laws Affecting Charter Schools was prepared for Colorado Charter Schools by Barry K. Arrington.


Search Connecticut’s Attorney General's Opinions.

Connecticut Mountain Lion provides A Citizen’s Guide to the Freedom of Information Commission.

Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, A Citizen’s Guide.

Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, Final Decisions.


Search Delaware’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Delaware Attorney General, FOIA Brochure.


Search Florida’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Florida Attorney General, Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual (2011).

Florida’s Attorney General lists links to state statutes and Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual.

These Most Frequently Asked Questions on Florida’s Open Government Laws are intended to be used as a reference only.

The University of Florida Office of General Counsel has prepared a Synopsis of Florida’s Open Government Laws.


Search Georgia’s Attorney General’s Opinions.


Search Hawaii’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Hawaii Office of Information Practices, Opinions.

Hawaii Office of Information Practices, Guide to “The Sunshine Law” for State and County Boards (June 2011),

Openline is a monthly publication of the Office of Information Practices, State of Hawaii.


Search Idaho’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Idaho Attorney General, Idaho Open Meeting Law Manual (July 2009).


Search Illinois’ Attorney General’s Opinions.

The text of the Illinois Open Meetings Act can be found on the Illinois Emergency Management Agency site.

A Guide to the Illinois Open Meetings Act in pdf format can be downloaded.

Citizen Advocacy Center Open Meetings Act Study By Terry Pastika and Sarah Klaper is available at DCBA Brief Online, the Journal of the DuPage County Bar Association. provides a guide to understanding education in Illinois. Click the Open Meetings link at the left of the page.


Search Indiana’s Attorney General’s Opinions. Opinions are available from 1933 through 1976.

A Handbook on Indiana’s Public Access Laws was updated November 2011 by the Indiana Public Access Counselor.


Search Iowa’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Iowa Attorney General, Open Meetings Law—Iowa Code Chapter 21 (Nov. 5, 2010).

Iowa Freedom of Information / Open Meetings, Open Records Handbook is designed to help keep Iowans abreast of the requirements of the state’s open meetings and open records laws.

Open Meetings and Closed Minds: Another Road to the Mountaintop, Drake Law Review, Vol. 53 (December 2004) is available in pdf format.


Search Kansas’ Attorney General’s Opinions.

Kansas Attorney General, A Citizen’s Guide to KORA KOMA Kansas Open Records/Meetings Act.

Kansas Attorney General's page Open Government provides links to all the AG's KOMA-KORA resources.


The Kentucky's Attorney General’s site provides most open record and open meetings decisions.

Kentucky Attorney General, Open Records and Open Meetings (Feb. 2006).

Guidelines for Managing E-Mail in Kentucky State Government.

FAQs about the Kansas Open Meetings Act answer frequent questions about the Act.


Search Louisiana’s Attorney General’s Opinions from 1977 to present.

Louisiana Attorney General, Open Meeting Laws page provides an overview of the law.


Search Maine's Attorney General Opinions.



Search Maryland’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Maryland Attorney General, Open Meetings Act Manual (7th ed. 2010).

Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board, Opinions.

Maryland’s Attorney General provides information on open government.

The Maryland Open Meetings Law Compliance Board reviews and resolves complaints and issues written opinions.

The Maryland Municipal League, the Association of Cities and Towns provides links to resources.


The Massachusetts Attorney General's site provides information and links.

Massachusetts Attorney General, Open Meeting Law Guide (Mar. 24, 2011) is available in pdf format.

Massachusetts Attorney General, Advisory on July 2007 SJC Ruling Regarding Confidential Communications Between Public Entities and their Attorneys (2007).

MA Open Meeting Law & Conflict of Interest Law is available from Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program.


Search Michigan’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Michigan Attorney General, Open Meetings Act Handbook.


Search Minnesota’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Minnesota House of Representatives, Research Department, Minnesota Open Meeting Law (Nov 2008).


Search Mississippi’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Mississippi Attorney General, A Guide to Mississippi Open Meetings & Public Records Laws.


Search Missouri’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Many links to pulications on Missouri's sunshine law are available here.

The Top Ten Things You Should Know about the Missouri Sunshine Law.

A set of sample forms is available here.

A publication on open meeting laws and sample forms is available

The Freedom of Information Center at the University of Missouri is a specialized reference library. The state laws page provides links to basic statutes about open meetings and open records.

Sunshine in Missouri: Random thoughts on Missouri's sunshine law written by a lawyer who has an undying interest in this subject which probably only interests a few other folks.


Search Montana’s Attorney General’s Opinions.


Search Nebraska’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Nebraska Attorney General, Open Meetings Act.

Nebraska’s Open Meeting Law is discussed in NebFacts, a publication of the Cooperative Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Search Nevada’s Attorney General’s Opinions from 1914 to 2011.

Nevada Attorney General, Nevada Open Meeting Law Manual (11th ed. June 2012).

New Hampshire

Search New Hampshire’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Attorney General’s Memorandum on New Hampshire’s Right-to-Know Law, (July 15, 2009).

New Jersey

Search New Jersey Attorney General's Opinions from 1949 to present. Opinions from 1949 to 1998 are available from the New Jersey Digital Legal Library.

The New Jersey State League of Municipalities' guide "The Complete Book" is available here.

Common Issues concerning municipal issues and the Open Public Meetings Act are discussed by the Municipal League's staff attorney.

New Mexico

Search New Mexico’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

New Mexico Attorney General, Open Meetings Act Compliance Checklist

New York

Search New York’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

New York Committee on Open Government, Report to the Governor and the State Legislature 2010: Building a Culture of Openness and Improving Transparency.

New York Committee on Open Government, Open Meetings Law Advisory Opinions.

North Carolina

Search North Carolina’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

North Dakota

Search North Dakota’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Attorney General's North Dakota Open Records and Meetings Manuals


Search Ohio’s Attorney General’s Opinions online from 1993 to present.

2014 Ohio Sunshine Laws: An Open Government Resource Manual.


Search Oklahoma’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

A primer on Oklahoma’s Open Meeting Act is provided by associate professor Joey Senat, Ph.D., OSU School of Media & Strategic Communications.

FOI Oklahoma provides a flow chart explaining which non-profit organizations must follow the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act and what their obligations are under the statute.


Search Oregon’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

Oregon Attorney General’s Public Records and Meetings Manual (2010).

A Quick Reference Guide to Oregon’s Public Meetings Law is a joint project between Open Oregon: A Freedom of Information Coalition and Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers. 



Pennsylvania’s Attorney General’s Opinions can be reviewed by year. To find open meeting opinions, try a search for "open meeting" and when the pdf file opens, search it for open meeting.

The Pa. Freedom of Information Coalition provides a full text of the state's Open Meetings.

Rhode Island

Open Meetings Act Checklist is provided by the Attorney General's Office.

Attorney General’s Guide to Open Government in Rhode Island (6th ed.).

The Attorney General's Open Government / Access To Public Records provides current information.

Open Meeting Law Requirements for Libraries became effective September 1, 2005.

It's Your Right to Know: 12 Essays on the Importance of Access to Government Meetings and Records in Rhode Island was prepared by AccessRI: Freedom of Information Coalition.

South Carolina

Search South Carolina’s Attorney General’s Opinions from 1985 to present. Attorney General’s Opinions dating from 1959 to present are available on the Westlaw or Lexis research databases.

Public Official’s Guide to Compliance with South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act (with 2003 Amendments).

South Dakota

Search South Dakota’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

South Dakota Open Meeting Commission, Decisions.

A listing of South Dakota's open government documents includes links to the statutes, commission decisions and brochures.


Search Tennessee’s Attorney General’s Opinions from 2000 to present.

Open Records Council, Operating in the Sunshine: A Quick Guide to Open Meetings and Public Records in Tennessee (Apr. 1, 2011).


Search Texas’ Attorney General’s Opinions, a Cumulative Subject Master Index from 1990 to present is available.

Texas Attorney General, Open Meetings 2010 Handbook.

Numerous links to Texas Open meeting information can be found on the Attorney General’s site.


Open and Public Meetings Ac Presentation handout was prepared by the Utah Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, May 2010.

A tutorial for government entities in Utah on classifying and holding public meetings.


Search Vermont’s Attorney General’s Opinions since the year 2000 can be found online.

The state law library still retains the volumes of bound Attorney General Opinions from the early 1970s and before.

A Pocket Guide to Open Meetings is guide outlining the requirements of Vermont’s open meeting law (2006). 

Changing the World:  A Citizen’s Guide to Public Meetings is available from Vermont Institute for Government.

A Pocket Guide to Open Meetings 1999 1. Defining Open Meetings 2. Public Notice 3. The Right to Speak 4. Executive Session 5. What the Law is Not 6. Minutes 7. Enforcement 8. Final Thought. A printable version is available.


Search Virginia’s Attorney General’s Opinions from 1996 to present.

Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council, Opinions.

Virginia Coalition for Open Government - Freedom of Information is a non-profit, non-partisan partnership working for easy access to public records and government meetings.


Washington’s Attorney General’s Opinions are available.

Washington Attorney General, Open Government Internet Guide

Washington Attorney General, Open Government Ombudsman.

The Seattle Times Newsroom Legal Guidebook provides a section on News Gathering from Governent Sources.

Washington, D.C.


West Virginia

West Virginia Ethics Commission, A Guide to the West Virginia Open Governmental Proceedings Act.


Search Wisconsin’s Attorney General’s Opinions.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has prepared the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law, A Compliance Guide, 2010.

Wisconsin's Open Government page provides information on open meeting seminars, resources and webinars.


Search Wyoming’s Attorney General’s Opinions from 1998 to present.

Wyoming Attorney General, The Open Meetings Act: A Summary (August 1, 2012).

A slide show covering the Wyoming Open Meetings Law was prepared by the University of Wyoming Cooperatve Extension Service.


Federal Open Meeting Laws links are available.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press prepared a "Federal Open Government Guide."